Do not disturb, CHANEL in the making

It’s common knowledge that Haute Couture often comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Unfortunately CHANEL haven’t gone and discounted their quilted handbags (which are forever on my wishlist), but they have kindly invited the public to explore the creativity and craftmanship behind the renowned house of fashion without receiving a penny! The result? A luxurious and captivating experience.

Coco’s first hat shop in Deauville

Hosted at London’s Saatchi Gallery (closest tube station: Sloane Square), the exhibition truly immerses us into Gabrielle, known as Coco, Chanel’s world which to say the least, is extraordinary! We begin at Coco’s Rue Cambon apartment where her vision was first established and move through to Venice, Scotland and Deauville, each place crucial to CHANEL’s artistry.

Apparently diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Following this, each space goes onto represent details that are now embedded in the house’s style. A giant version of Coco’s 1932 star-covered diamond necklace leads way to a room filled with CHANEL’s famous bouclé tweeds for us to touch and a wacky but wonderful perfumery. The custom-made Mademoiselle Privé app proves a useful, interactive guide through these aspects as it offers explanations for Coco’s choices and even displays quotes from the designer.

Lily Cole, taken by Karl Lagerfield

For me, the recreations of Coco’s Bijoux de Diamants High Jewellery collection and French garden that inspired the intertwined C of CHANEL stole the show. Both rooms provided such attention-to-detail and exquisiteness, I felt as though I’d been transported back in time.

I won’t say any more and have tried to keep things fairly brief because the beauty of the event is the unravelling of CHANEL’s secrets. This is one all busy shes should find the time for as it’s now open until 10pm each night, ending on November 1st! Did I mention you get a free tote bag and poster too?


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